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Vladimira Popovića 44/2/123
11070 Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 6900 414



SCM POWER d.o.o. Beograd is a licensed company whose activity is electricity trading. We are based in Serbia, a country that plays a major role as a transit territory in the market of Southeast Europe. Our team is focusing on cross-border trade, but no less we cooperate with companies in the territory of Serbia.

Product and services

Trading of standard products of a different type of settlement

A team of dedicated individuals from various professions with centrally managed trading infrastructure and its close links to local markets constantly ensures an excellent platform for the development of local purchase and sales activities. Offering and trading standard profiles on the market (baseload, peak load, off-peak…) we are also able to offer several types of settlements (weekly, ten-day, fifteen-day…) depending on the length and value of the contract.

Trading of structured products

We use the knowledge gained from managing our own portfolio to successfully manage our partners’ portfolios and are therefore always able to offer non-standard products in hourly resolution at both fixed and indexed prices. In cooperation with partners, we also work on profit sharing agreements, encouraging and empowering partners to take advantage of frequent changes in the market.

Cross-border trading and optimization

Our goal is to recognize opportunities and realize benefits in a rapidly changing market. Trading department searches for potentials in the market every day, managing with portfolio team cross-border capacities. Portfolio optimization is very important to us, that’s why, with the help of the scheduling department, we always look for the most efficient routes to ensure safe energy deliveries to our partners.

Short term Product – Day ahead and weekly deliveries

With the increase in installed capacity from renewable sources of electricity, short-term trading is gaining more and more importance. By careful daily analysis of all important fundaments as well as recognition of potential risks, we try to get the most out of spot trading (daily/weekly tenders, power exchanges, arbitrage…).

About Us


Our team is made up of highly qualified experts and experienced employees who follow the highest business standards. We are focused on cross-border trade, but no less we cooperate with companies in the territory of Serbia. Many years of experience in concluding bilateral contracts, trading on the power exchange, portfolio notification and optimization, as well as entering into new sustainable partnerships in Central and Southeastern Europe make us one step ahead of the competition and add additional value to this company.

We work on a mission to seize market opportunities and convert them into the energy of development while being at the service of our partners. Our added value consists of the differentiation of our activities and of the capability to quickly grasp new market opportunities. Additionally, the transactions are carried out with minimal risks while still maintaining attractive profit margins. The more complex the markets are the more business opportunities are there for SCM POWER, as our partners require new services and products.

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